Thursday, January 4, 2024

Thursday, January 4th, 2024

I got in a little after 7 this morning and swam out to Avila Rock. There is a water quality warning so I avoided swimming near the creek. It was 40°. There was a nice outside swell that was making surf that was 4 foot +/-. The whitewater had thickened and had some punch to it but the surf was not thrashy. There was a steady wind and the water surface outside of the surf line was lumpy. At 56° the water temperature staying in the winter comfort zone.  
Near the rock the swell was reflecting back from the point so the water was going at least two directions at the same time.  

The swell at the Diablo Buoy will reduce from 11 feet to 6 tomorrow morning and be back to a peak of 12 foot on Sunday, and then flatten out until the next storm.

I'm planning on swimming Saturday at 7 and Sunday at 11. Sunday should be a good beach day.

Santa Brings Warm Toes -

My toes have always been the last part of me to warm up after a swim, requiring a warm shower to bring them back to a comfortable condition, so Santa brought me some Xterra Lava Booties and boot warmers for Christmas. 

The socks worked fine. They are thin, maybe 1.5 mill, fit snugly and will fill with water like a wetsuit but definitly add warmth. I don't kick much and they didn't feel like I had water filled baggies tied over my feet. I put them on first and pulled my wetsuit on over them. They were nice walking over the cold concrete and sand to the water. I'll know better what they can do when the water hits 51°

Boot Warmers? - Yes, Santa had a brilliant idea.  Before heading to the water put these in the toes of my Uggs and pull on WARM shoes after swimming.  Warm toes immediately!    
Yes, I still believe in Santa.


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