Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Tuesday, February 13th, 2024

A view of the former Reef Buoy turning point. 
The kelp patch is still here but the big surf two weekends ago put the buoy on the beach.
It was cold this morning. At 6:50 the air temp was 37°, and combined with a stronger than usual offshore breeze I was hustling to get in the water.  That seems strange but I was getting chilled while getting ready so I hurried to get in the water. The rising sun was behind some clouds so it was hard to tell how clear the water was but there was no silty taste. The wind chop was just enough to make itself felt and to require corrections in my navigation.  The water temperature measured 52°-53° but the air temp had me thinking the water was 51°.
The surf was 3 foot + and wimpy.       

Getting changed in the wind was less fun than being in the water but once I got my warm clothes on and into the sun it felt nice.

Xterra Swim Socks Gear Report Follow Up -

My feet get colder than my hands and these Xterra Lava Swim Socks have been great at keeping my feet warmer and not getting in the way or feeling like blobs tied to my feet. Unfortunately, after about 20 swims the soles are torn up at the ball and heel.  The soles have small rubber dots for a wearing surface and they have not adequately protected the fabric. The right one has the bigger holes and this foot is the one that I have behind me to brace myself with when I'm pushing through waves. The big swells have taken a lot of sand off of the beach so the beach and the bottom is rocky. 

These have been perfect for me, just thick and warm enough and my wetsuit pulled on easily over them.  I'm going to have to look for another brand with more real soles.         

I'll swim Thursday morning and we'll see how much rain comes in Saturday and Sunday.


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