Saturday, April 27, 2024

Saturday, April 27th, 2024

So Beautiful, So Cold -

Pri, Jodi, Tom and Niel swam this morning at 7. Avila Beach was beautiful; just a few people there, sunny, a light wind, 44°, minimal surf and very clear, glassy water.   
Niel, Tom, Jodi and Pri at the end of the Avila Pier 

As we waded in the water felt bottom of the temp range cold. It still felt just as cold at the first buoy and did not feel any more comfortable at the 4th buoy. For me this means it is probably below 50°. I checked my thermometer and had 9.5°C/49°F. Nobody was sure how long they would stay in. 
Pri went in form the end of the Avila Pier. Jodi, Niel and Tom continued on to the Poly Pier, decided to swim to the end of the pier which meant that we would have to swim back. 

At the end of the Poly Pier it was very beautiful and blue. 

I'll bring all of my neoprene and swim tomorrow at 11.


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