Monday, August 14, 2017

Sunday August 13, 2017

Sunday's swim report is by Tom Lorish

Avila report for Sunday August 13, 2017 – from TOM.

It was pretty socked in today at Avila – a solid marine layer.  The water was calm with small waves rolling in.  Swimming today was Duke, Heidi, Paula & Sue (sans wetsuits), Karen, Leslie, Tom, and a woman whose name I did not catch.  Duke’s daughter, Nikki was there as paddle support.

The water felt colder than the 57 degrees Heidi’s watch reported, but there you go.  We swan to the first buoy, turned left and headed out to fossil point.  After passing the last buoy on the way the point, the red funk made itself known.  By the time we got to the point, it was well known.  I was told this was ‘nothing compared the last Wednesday.’

About half way through the swim, the sun poked through.  There was quite a bit of sea bird activity – based on my understanding of pelican, I believe they were organizing a possible interspecies bait ball for later in the day, but who knows.

All in all, another good day swimming in the ocean

Avila report for Sunday August 13, 2017 – from DUKE.

Sunday's open water swim turned out to be Ladies Day, with only two dudes invited to attend (Duke & Tom). We were missing a number of our regulars but present were Heidi, Leslie and Hillary with Sue strolling up as well. In addition we had a Kona Legend,  Karen  (25 time plus Kona Iron Man) and a cameo appearance by Paula D.  (who I became aware was one of our charter members from the 90's). My daughter Nikki, visiting from Seattle accompanied us as well with a SUP. The water was reported is 61° fairly calm but unfortunately with remanence of a bit a red tide. The route was first bouy to the point and back along the bouyline. A route that all chose to do with no alterations. Once completed Rick and Rhonda showed for their weekly Sunday beach time until about 1:30 when all those remaining decided to call it a day. In general pretty good water, very nice weather and great conversations.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday Evening, August 9, 2017

Hilary, Heidi and Niel swam this evening. The conditions were beautiful except for the red tide. The water felt really warm to me. Heidi's temp watch said 61 degrees but I would have guessed 65. It was flat with a small SW swell, the same conditions that we had last Wednesday when we had red tide conditions.  We swam east, parallel to the beach, down to Fossil Point and back. 

Hilary and Heidi getting in. The water was a yucky color and cloudy.

Hilary and Heidi at the 4th buoy.

Hilary, Niel and Heidi at the point.

After we got out it looked like bait fish in the shallows but it was bubbles that were lasting long enough to catch the setting sun. I'd never seen this before. 


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday, August 6. 2017

We had wonderful conditions and a big group today. It was sunny, warm and windless with the usual Avila 2 to 3 foot surf. The best part was that the SW swell that had been with us earlier in the week was gone and with it the red tide. The water was a beautiful color with good visibility and warm at 64.5 degrees F or 18.056 degrees C. 
Swimming today were Niel, Sylvia, Stephanie, Heidi, Sarah, Sam, Sydney, Tom, Rob, Jonny, Duke, Hillary, John, Sue, Peter, Pete and Maria. Also two or three of Sarah's lifeguards joined us but I didn't get their names.  
With this many people we has several different swims; one group swam down the beach, over to the Cal Poly Pier, to the Avila Pier and in while there were one or two shorter versions.   

Sydney, Duke, Sam and Rob at the last buoy at the creek mouth.

Tom 'Waterspout' Lorish and Hillary at the same spot

Duke, Sydney, Sam, Tom and Hillary at the Cal Poly Pier.

A number of people would like to swim this Wednesday evening at 6. I'll be there and I how most of them can join me.

I won't be swimming next Sunday of Wednesday of the following week so Duke will be the Beachmaster. Give him the respect that he deserves.  ;-)


Friday, August 4, 2017

Wednesday Evening, August 2, 2017

A Surprise Quest Swimmer Dropped In Wednesday Evening!

Rob Dumouchel, A.K.A. Aqua Thor
Tanking a break from his graduate studies in Arcata

The water was 62 degrees and glassy with a SW swell making 3' waves with an occasional 4 to 5 footer.  The water was a ugly brown/green. I don't know why but it didn't taste funny.
Hillary and I swam a different short and relaxing route. 

Rob will join us on Sunday for another immersion before returning to the gray and fridge north.