Thursday, February 15, 2024

Thursday, February 15th, 2024

Easy numbers this morning; the air temp at 6:45 was 52° and the water was 52°. It was calm with flat surf.  The County's water samples from Monday had Avila Beach and the Creek Mouth in the green zone so I indulged in a Reef  Buoy / Poly Pier loop with a swing by the mouth of San Luis Creek.  

The Poly Pier at the second crossbars
This looks a lot flatter than it swam. There were multiple small swells out of the South and SW that made it more lumpy than the photo shows with a push from the SW and noticeable help swimming in along the Poly Pier.  . 

There actually are lane lines in the ocean

Getting changed in 50° air with no wind was almost luxurious compared to Tuesdays mid 30's and gusty wind.
Current predictions have Saturday being fairly dry and most of the rain on Sunday, so I'm planning on getting in at 7 on Saturday morning and sitting out on Sunday, unless it rains a lot before Saturday morning. 

A Book Review -

More about how the tides function than my brain could hold in one reading 

Sadly, definitly not Avila Beach

Waves and Beaches by Willard Bascom and Kim McCoy - 
I came across this book in December while browsing in a bookstore in Pacific Grove. I had never heard of it. I leafed through it and between the science about how waves and beaches function and interact and the photography, I didn't put it down. It has been a wonderful read, taught me about things that I've seen and wondered about and will be a resource for further study. It was originally published by Willard Bascom in 1964 and was republished with current data and photos in 2020. If you follow my blog this book is probably something for you.    



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I plan on joining Saturday morning if the weather holds up!

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It’s Jaime haha