Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Evening, June 29, 2011

There is something going on with Wednesday evenings. Last Wednesday we have amazingly warm 63.5 degree water. Sunday the ocean was back to its seasonal 55.5. This evening it was back up to 60! It was sunny and warm, breezy, blowing from the west, but not as windy as it had been in San Luis Obispo or on the coast. The water had small wind waves and some small chop from the SW but there were no whitecaps. Niel, John and Rob were joined by Kim and Lynne, both of whom had been regulars but had not been swimming with us in a while. We decided to do a counterclockwise triangle, starting on the right side of the pier. The swimming was a little bumpy but not bad and the water felt comfortable. At the end of the second leg at the end of the pier, Kim wanted to head in so we all swam in parallel to the pier to the first buoy in the line, dropped her off and continued down the buoy line to the last bouy and doubled back to the first buoy. While we were at the last buoy I notices a raft of sea birds about 150m farther out. There were some pelicans diving with them and several gray dolphins swimming back and forth through the birds. Seeing dolphins is always a nice thing but we reflected on our being close by at snack time so we got in gear and hustled our way back towards the pier. There were no birds or dolphins to be seen when we were getting out. We swam about 2000m and with all of the visiting we did at the turning points we were in the water for 44 minutes.


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