Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sunday, August 25, 2019

At 10:30 I was out on the Avila Pier getting a water temperature and checking out the swimming conditions. If the fog didn't lift we would be swimming up and back along teh buoy line. 
The fog was moving in and out, making it difficult to know if it was going to cleat or not. Just before we got in at 11 the fog opened up and moved way off shore, making for fine swimming.
The water temperature was 60 degrees. With the sun out the air temperature was rising from 65 to eventually 80 degrees. 
Swimming today were Tom, Duke, Amy, John, Niel and AnneMarie. 

Tom proposed today's route: a witches hat, complete with tie strings.

Tom getting in.

Tom decided to go formal today so he added a fashionable kelp scarf to his ensemble. 


Niel and Duke at the last buoy on the right, if you are looking at the plot,
otherwise on the left from the beach.

The water was nice and clear close to the shore so Tom tried to get a photo of 
Niel (on the left) and Duke (on the right) swimming towards him. 


Niel as a green streak passing Tom.



We will be swimming next Sunday and polling interest in a Monday morning swim on Labor Day. 


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Wednesday Evening, 190821

Beautiful conditions at 5:30; 85 degrees on the beach and 62 degree water. No wind, almost flat.
The lifeguards packed it in at 5:45. No one else showed and I didn't swim alone. Too warm to hang on the beach for long so I was gone by 6.

I hope that it is like this on Sunday.


Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Today's swim was out to the end of the Avila Pier, over to the end of the Cal Poly Pier, in along the Poly Pier to the third set of cross bracing and then in to the Avila Pier and our starting place for a distance of 1.55 miles.

It was gray and spitty in San Luis Obispo so I came prepared for damp and cold on the beach. It was surprisingly warm in Avila Beach and 

there was a hole in the overcase and some blue sky. 
The water temperature was 58 to 60 degrees, there was no wind or swell, so we had very nice swimming conditions. 

That is Duke, Margariet, AnneMarie and Heidi.
We had three female swimmers in green caps last week and I couldn't 
tell them apart so Heidi decided to distinguish herself today 

Today's group was Niel, Duke, Heidi, Sara, Margaret, Tom, AnneMarie and Addie. Addie is a new grad student at Cal Poly. I hope I spelled her name correctly. She is from New Jersey and was very happy to find the group and Avila Beach.
Sara, Heidi, Addie, Duke (green splash) and Margaret at the first buoy


At the end of the Avila Pier.
Duke, Margaret and Addie

Addie, Heidi and Sara

Tom, Duke, Addie and Margaret
At the end of the Cal Poly Pier.

Wednesday Evening Swim:
We got skunked last week, nobody could make it and the lifeguards had spotted an 11' white shark near the Cal Poly Pier earlier in the day, so there would have been no swimming if we had shown up.
How about this week? Niel and Margaret are in for in the water at 5:30. 


Monday, August 12, 2019

Sunday, August 11th, 2019

The fog was in at 10:30 but clearing, promising calm and flat swimming conditions. The water temperature was 59.5 with no sign of red tide.

Swimming today were Niel, Heidi, Augustine, Tom, Duke, Maria, Sara, Ben, Stephanie, Sue and her sister Kiri (?, can't read my writting) 
Augustine is from Fresno (yes? Visalia?). He and his wife drove over to visit the coast and so he could get in the water. They are from Argentina. His company moved them to Fresno 6 months ago where he works for the cattle industry.
Sue and her sister are from London, England. Sue is frequently in the area and drops in whenever she is here.

The plan was to swim down the buoy line to the left and beyond the fourth buoy to Fossil Point, back to the 4th buoy, to the end of the Avila Pier and in to the beach, which would be about 1.5 miles. 

Ben would hang with their daughter while Sara was swimming and them go out on his own once Sara was back.

 Kiri, Augustine, Stephanie, Sue, Maria. Tom is behind Maria. At the start.

At the 4th buoy,. I can't identify anyone. 
Tom, orchestrating a photo opp at Fossil Point

 Sara, Heidi or Maria, Duke, Kiri, Niel, Maria or Heidi, Sue, Stephanie, Augustine
at Fossil Point. Wonderful swimming conditions.

Augustine enjoyed himself and I expect that he will be back as often as he can.

I had 1.53 miles on my watch when I got out. 
 Maria, Sara and Heidi did a more out and back route for 1.3 miles.

Craig Bowman and I are going to swim Wednesday evening, in the water at 5. Does anyone else want to jump in?


Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday, August 4th, 2019

 Avila Beach was unusually full of fog and thick low clouds that didn't look like they were going to clear.The water was flat, 61 degrees and showed no signs of red tide. 
Today's group consisted of Niel, Heidi, Leslie, Andy, a friend of Jonny's who was joining us for the first time, Maria, Erin, who has been simming at Avila but liked the idea of getting in with some other swimmers, Mary Anne and Jonny.
We swam the triangle counterclockwise for 1.12 miles. Maria and Erin went bareback.


Sorry about the water droplets.
That is Jonny on the far left, Erin behind the drop, Heidi, Andy and Maria
at the last buoy on the right of the pier.
At the end of the pier Leslie went off the front because she was getting cold and Heidi went in along the pier. This is Maria and Erin at the last buoy on the left of the pier.
Jonny and Andy at the last buoy on the left.