Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday, November 29. 2013

Rick and I swam at 11 AM today.  The conditions were pretty nice.  It was sunny (at first) the water was 55 degrees and there was no wind.  There had been some large waves here on Thursday but they were mostly done Friday morning.  There were occasional 4' to 5' waves but a lot of pretty flat water in between and a 1 to 2 foot swell out of the SE. Rick and I did a counterclockwise triangle without going under the pier.  With a little timing we got out between the large waves without any trouble.  I'm still retraining, getting used to navigating without the buoys, so our route was a bit ragged, but the swimming conditions were quite good.  Riding up and down on the swell was fun.  When we got out I almost felt OK with having had that second piece of pie yesterday.  After the swim Dale McVay treated us to a ride buy. It was nice to visit with her for a while.  We'll be back Sunday for more.

Brad Masushita is competing in his first full Ironman distance tri in Mexico Sunday so keep a good thought for him!


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