Sunday, December 15, 2013

Will Swim For Food, Saturday December 14, 2013

The 4th Annual Santa Cruz Will Swim For Food Fundraiser

Rob Dumouchel, Ali Beug, Leslie Tappin Lorish and I had a wonderful experience Saturday at the Will Swim For Food Fundraiser in Santa Cruz. There were more than 70 swimmers that raised a total of $70,640.00 (so far, donations are still being accepted!) for food banks from San Diego to Oregon as well as Virginia and Louisiana.  
It was sunny with an air temperature of about 40 degrees at the start.  The water temperature was cold for this time of the year at 48 to 50 degrees.  
I had a great swim and thanks to our donors the Avila Dolphins raised $2120.00 for the SLO Food Bank!
Deserving special comment are Rob, who swim without a wetsuit, Leslie, who swam in spite of a bad cold and Ali for whom this was the longest, roughest and coldest ocean swim that she had yet done.
About 15% of the swimmers went without wetsutis.

It's 40 degrees out, let's go swimming!

That's me , Rob, Ali, Leslie and someone in pink wading in.  It actually didn't feel super cold at this point but towards the end of the pier I could tell that the freezing feeling was not going to even out.
Leslie and Rob towing their ducks.  For a $150 donation you get a wood duck decoy that you can decorate and tow around the pier.
Down the other side of the pier and heading towards the finish.

 The finish.

The cool finishers medals are made out of blue glass.


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