Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 New Year's Day Swim

Sylvia, Amy and I did a 9AM New Year's Day swim along the Avila Pier.  The water was 53.5 degrees which was a bit warmer than the air temperature.  It was sunny and beautiful with some head high sets and a very high tide just when we got in.  This was the first time Amy had attempted this swim but once Sylvia got in the peer pressure was on and she made the plunge.  

            Sylvia checking out the drop.                                                                      Amy

                                                    In and heading to the beach.

Afterwards we had hot coffee and enough treats for a dozen swimmers.  We got to watch a pod of dolphins that were feeding around the reef that is towards Fossil Point. 

The route map doesn't look like much but the detail of my start is interesting.

I was curious how the gps would record my start.  I seem to have gone in a direct manner but then ascended back onto the pier and made a rather messy re-entry.  The gps has always been much less accurate with elevation than location.  In this case it has me beginning at +9M, dropping directly to -16M and then descending to -64M (!) before regaining the surface.

I'll be back Sunday for a longer swim.


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