Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Today's swim started off with the presentation of a special trophy to Jon Harmse by Duke for his performance in the Santa Barbara Aqua Bike two weeks ago.
Look closely at the trophy, it's special and so is the story behind it. You will have to ask Duke or Jon.  

It was a pretty emotional moment for Jon so the his trophy's special feature came in handy.

We enjoyed a fabulous swim today in very friendly water.  It was very warm on the beach, the water was 62 degrees and we had a large group of swimmers.  Swimming today were Yvonne, Sylvia, Dave Van Mouwerik, Rick Marina, Niel, Amy, Kevin Watkins, Sam, Duke, Breanna, Carolyn, John Harmse, John Hampsey and Pete Kelly and his daughter. Rhonda rented a SUP and kept us company which was great.  We combined distance and a bit of an adventure swim today. The adventure part was to swim down the beach until you could touch Fossil Point.  Pete and his daughter turned around at the last buoy.  I think that everyone else made a touch on the point.  We swam back along the beach to the first buoy at the pier. Niel, Dave, Sylvia, Carolyn, John Hampsey and Amy continued under the pier and went down the buoy line to the creek and back.  Our total route was a mile and a half. There was a wide range of abilities and speeds in the group today so my total time shows how much time we spent regrouping and also just enjoying floating in the warm water. The wind went from 0 to small whitecaps in in the time that it took us to shower off, so we got out of the water just in time. 


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