Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday, November 16. 2014

The T is for Tom Swim

Duke, Pete, Dale, Niel, Tom
Stephanie was already out in the water

Thanks to Leslie for the photos.

The water temperature was 58 degrees.  There were high clouds so the sun came and went.  It was comfortable with the sun out and cool without It. At 10:30 there was an offshore breeze off of the beach.  It moved into the west as we were swimming and then died away to nothing.  Pete Kelley did his own swim. Stephanie and Dale swam the buoy line and Duke, Niel and Tom Lorish swam a route by Tom. His birthday is coming up and he wanted to see how well he could swim his initial.  It came out pretty well and was fun.  Not sure how we will do a D or N or S for Sylvia..... We added a little distance on the end by going down to the buoy and back.
Ignorie the time and distance information. This was not a 20 k swim.  I thought that I turned off the GPS at the end of the T but it tracked me all of the way back to town.


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