Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The air and water were 58 degrees. There had been some showers earlier but we did not get any rain while we were at the beach.  We had storm conditions; a steady wind and swell out of the south pushing towards the beach. Tom, Leslie, Niel and Erik swam.  Rick came by but he and Rhonda decided to join Duke and Angela for breakfast.  The water quality along the beach was OK Thursday but the creek had high numbers so we stayed on the east side of the pier.
Sylvia stayed out and rested on her 2014 National Masters Rankings. 
She deserves a big congratulations from all of us!  She placed in the top 10 in all of her events AND her relay team is ranked No. 1 !
She is still kicking butts at 77 and has been top 10 ranked since 1984!  Nothing like setting a high standard for all of us younger folks who think we are hot stuff.

We swam out along the pier, angled towards the beach to the big rock at the end of the sea wall and came back to the pier.

Leslie getting in

Leslie and Tom at the end of the pier

Leslie, a mystery swimmer and Niel at the end of the sea wall 

Next Sunday Tom is busy, I'll be out of town and Sylvia will be competing in Pasadena.


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