Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday, March 22, 2015

We had company at the beach today.  The lifeguards didn't take any action so it appears that until the swimming zone buoys are back in place we will have to share. 
The water was 57.5 degrees and back to it's normal opaque clarity.  It was comfortably warm but there was a breeze out of the south that seemed to be strengthening. We had Mark with us again today on his inflatable SUP so with him to act as a flag and jet ski spotter we decided to swim on the west side of the pier. Swimming today were Niel, Tom, Ali, Amy and Jeff.  Pete Kelly did his own thing. 

We headed out, under the pier and down to the mouth of the creek and from there over to the Poly Pier and back on a line directly towards the Yacht Club at the base of the pier. The wind kept building so we had to do some extra work on the leg over to the Poly Pier and got pushed really well on the way back. By the time we were out whitecaps were starting to form.  The chop built up more than I expected but I enjoyed the chance to work on the rough water part of my ocean swimming skills.

Here is a nice shot that Ali's mom took from the pier. 

Mark was nice and visible. 

Having the camera along seems to encourage a certain kind of behavior. 

By the time that Mark got back to the base of the pier the wind 
had him paddling on his knees. 


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Chris V said...

Hi Niel,

I'm an open water swimmer. I noticed that you did Will Swim For Food in Santa Cruz in January. We must have seen each other because I swam that event too. Great day.

I'm traveling to Avila this upcoming weekend and was wondering if I could join your group to swim there. Not sure how to get in touch with you but if there's a will there's a way haha.