Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Lots'a Boats Today

There was the inflatable towing a wake boarder around down by Fossil Point so we decided to swim on the other side of the pier.  It was gray and cool when 6 swimmers got in; Niel, Ali, Duke, Amy 1, Tom Lorish and John Hampsey. John was back after spending several months on a book tour in support of his new memoir.  Because of his break from the water he chose to swim the buoy line on his own.  

The water temperature was 55.5 with great visability. We decided to swim to the Poly Pier and then to the end of the Avila Pier. When we grouped up at the last buoy at the creek we had a couple of Pale Kai outriggers for company and we were joined by a strange ocean creature. 

We swam to our usual spot part way along the Poly Pier, grouped up and headed for the end of the Avila Pier. Half way there we found that a sailboat regatta was forming up at our destination so we revised our route and headed directly back to our starting point. We wound up getting in a little over a mile in about 32 minutes swimming time.

You can see in this photo how clear the water was.

Tom wanted to get a half water half air photo and got it done along with a couple of others   that turned out nicely.  

Next weekend Duke will be in Huntington Beach and I will be in Irvine.

Everyone have a safe and fun swim and I'll see you in two weeks.


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