Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday, February 14, 2016

 It was a super summer day at Avila Beach today. It was warm and sunny with an offshore breeze that was holding up the faces of the waves. It was low tide so I could not get an 'official' water temperature. The port was reporting 58 but our consisus was that it was 54 or 55 degrees at Avila. Niel, Duke, Tom, Leslie, Amy, John and Rick swam today. John and Amy went straight out to the end of the pier and over to the creek mouth and back. Niel, Duke, Rick, Tom and Leslie swam left to the reef buoy, to the end of the pier, to the creek mouth and back along the beach, under the pier and in. That was one mile.

Niel and Tom agreeing on the water temperature and route.

Tom and Leslie at the reef buoy.

 Duke, Rick, Tom and Leslie at the creek mouth
A Valentine's Day warm up for Tom from Leslie

No route map today. My main computer crashed and the laptop does not have the software. 


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