Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday, April 24, 2016

I was out of town so here is today's swim report from Tom Lorish;

Niel, here is my blog report for Sunday April 24th:

Blog report from TOM:

Apparently The Man in the Gray Suit was in town… Saturday… a credible sighting. (I could not find this in the Tribune Tom, what was your source?   niel),   Of course, The Man in the Gray Suit lives out there, right?  Hmm.  Food for thought… or more precisely, thought about being food.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day at Avila – a little bit of a breeze, a few scattered clouds, warm, but not hot.  Swimming today was Duke, Jim, Roberto, Nicole (? – I may have this wrong), John Hampsey, and Tom.  The group swam out to the first buoy and went left towards the point.  We met up at the last buoy on that side and back down the line to the creek mouth buoy on the other side of the pier and back in.  The traditional buoy line mile.  A metric mile if Duke’s wrist device is accurate.  A good swim on a nice day. 

Thanks Tom.

Beginning Wednesday, April 27th, Dave Van Mouwerik will be competing in the 2016 SCAR swim in Arizona, swimming forty miles in four lakes in four days.
Besides the event website there should be event posts on social media, but I do not know which forum.

Dave - Best of luck and success and have fun.  



Anonymous said...

The source was the signs posted at every entracnce to the beach and Pete talking to the lifeguards... T.

Nicole Adams said...

Yes, Nicole is right. :)

evanmundahl said...

Hey! I was there too!