Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunday, June 26, 2016

It was clear and sunny and crowded at Avila Beach today. It was comfortable on the sand but hot a few blocks inland. There was no wind, the water was nice and clear and about 57 degrees. There were numerous personal watercraft and boats offshore.  

Swimming today were Leslie, Tom, Stephanie, Duke, Rick, Johnny, Amy, John and Peter. Mark joined us on his SUP. I was at the beach but just messed around in the waves, so there are no photos or swim log today.  Everyone did a lap along the buoy line for about a mile.

Sunday, July 3rd. - We will swim as usual.
Monday, July 4th -  We will swim at 9AM and be gone before the crowds get too crazy. The Pirate's Cove swim is scrubbed and there is no set route. We may have enough support people to allow a longer swim if the number of interested swimmers and support people works out. Or, we can just do the buoy line, have some fun and start the day off right.

It is the time of the year when we hear more about sharks; sightings, warnings, talk on the beach.  There is a large amount of well researched information about sharks and what danger that they represent to people in the water at this webiste
Such as:
There are seven times more shark attacks in Florida than California.
There have been 11 confirmed shark attacks on humans in California since 1926.
and so much more.

There is no data on how Sherman's there are out there. 


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Unknown said...

I swim regularly in SF Bay but I'll be in Paso for the 4th. Hope to join you for a swim this weekend!