Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sunday, October 9, 2016

We had perfect fall conditions at Avila Beach today; it was warm and sunny with no wind or crowds and very clear 57 degree water.
Swimming today were Duke, Niel, Amy, John, Tom, Leslie and Michael.  We had a large pod of dolphins do an east to west drive by as we were getting ready to get in. In spite of what the plot from my Garmin shows we swam the standard triangle route counterclockwise without a crazy detour back through the pier. 

Leslie at the creek buoy. 

Duke and Tom at the same spot.

Tom got ahold of the camera and had us attempt some synchronized swimming moves. 

Then it was underwater photos - Leslie

Ton's knee and parts of Duke, Leslie and Niel

Leslie and Duke at the end of the pier.

Tom at the end of the pier.

Tom needs to explain this one

This was to be an underwater photo taken by Tom of me swimming. His technique needs some polishing.


News from Kona:

Rhonda Marina finished second in her age group (60-64) in 12:49:05 and shows all of the guys on the beach how to race!

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