Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday, February 5, 2017

This Sunday was a big change from last weekend, no more warm sun and crowds on the beach. It was overcast, about 50 degrees and felt very wintery. A new storm was coming in so we had a onshore wind, a swell out of the SE and some one foot chop. The waves were 2 - 3'+. The creek had dirtied up this past week so we stayed on the left side of the pier away from the creek mouth.  The water temperature was 52 degrees, but somehow felt better than last week, perhaps because today the air and water temperature were the same. 

Niel, Amy, Heidi, John and Johnny swam a triangle on the left side of the pier. Out along the pier I could really feel the push of the swell towards the beach. The second leg was across the chop, which was messy but fun and the last leg back to the pier we had a nice push from the swell.

Getting in.

John, Heidi and Johnny at the end of the pier. 

Amy, Heidi, John and Johnny (floating on his back) 

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