Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday, June 4th, 2017

A Beautiful Day But Possibly A Bit Sharky

We has a beautiful day at Avila Beach today; no wind, clean and 54 degree water, flat conditions, just beautiful for swimming. The only issue was that there were baitfish gathering offshore which were attracting birds and a party boat which came in close to the end of the pier to give the anglers on board a chance at the larger fish that would be below the bait fish. The larger fish attract seals and sea lions which are popular shark food. There had been no sightings but it is prudent to avoid an area where all of the other animals swimming in the water are either having lunch or are on the menu. 

So, we decided to stick to the buoy line.We would start out buy swimming down to the mouth of the creek and work out the exact route and distance from there.   

We had 13 swimmers in the water today; Niel, Sylvia, Peter, Amy, Jim, Heidi, Maria, Tara, Sam, Sydney, Sue, Johnny and John. 

This made for a nice crowd out at the first buoy,

and at the creek mouth. 

From the creek mouth we swam to the last buoy on the other side of the pier,

and then further on  to the far end of the beach near Fossil Point where we turned around and headed back to the pier. 

I had a total distance of 1.44 miles. 

A big smile  ­čśë and a 'hang in there'  to Duke who forgot to keep the rubber side down last weekend, crashed on his bike and has a badly bruised hip. ­čÜ▓  Nothing is broken and I understand that everything will heal except his pride. ♿


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