Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Today's post is by Amy

We swam a kilometer today instead of a mile in honor of the Halifaxan contingent: Jonny, his dad Gerard, who accompanied the swimmers on surfboard, and brother Evan, who stalwartly guarded our stuff on the beach.

The rest of the motley crew of swimmers included Amy and John. We entered at low tide; the water temp was 49 to 50 degrees, tops. Jonny, John and Gerard all got tossed by a series of waves going in, which gave Amy a rare advantage in getting ahead of the pack. That first leg to the end of the pier was chilly, but we motored briskly. We swung toward the point, going wide of the reef buoy, and returned to a point high on the pier, at least midway or higher between the imaginary buoy line and the end.

The wind and swells between the pier and reef buoy (plus the temperature) made a challenging passage, as did the swim to the beach against a strong tide current. But we had the sun and clear water to cheer us. After we could feel our feet again on the beach, we agreed it was an altogether wonderful day.

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