Sunday, December 23, 2018

Sunday, December 23, 2018

There was not much sun at Avila Beach today with high clouds keeping it cool and somewhat dim on the beach. The water temperature in the surf line was 55 degrees and
53 to 54 beyond the surf. The tide was past full, the waves were laying down, there was a small chop but no wind.  There would be over 8 feet of tidal change today and you could feel the suck as the waves ran out. 
We had visits by Byron Briley, Sharley Simpson and Rob Dumouchel. 
Niel, Tom and Phil swam our to the end of the pier, towards the point and back along the beach. John, Maria, Bo, Maria, Sydney and Sam did a long lap around the pier. Brian and Peter did their own swims.
The water was clear and the swimming was very nice but the lack of sun cut the post swim socializing short.


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Unknown said...

Hey Niel, I’m listed twice today, can you add Amy in and remove my double?! Big waves but beautiful clear, invigorating water, great swim under steel grey skies. :)
Merry Christmas ABD ‘s!