Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sunday, March 31, 2019

We had a perfect spring break day at Avila Beach; sunny, warm, an offshore breeze, small surf and flat, cold water. The beach was not crowded at 10:30 but by 1 PM it was packed. 
I recorded a temperature of 53 degrees in the surf line from the pier and there was a 2+ degree drop when we got out past the waves. The lifeguards are back for the start of the season and were do some training near the pier when I arrived.  
Swimming today were Niel, Tom, Jim, Teresa, Heidi, Amy, John, Jonny, Duke, Marguerite and Maria. 
Niel, Tom, Jim and Teresa got in first and swam to the end of the pier then parallel to the beach to Fossil Point and then doubled back along our outgoing route. We covered 2.33K or just under a mile and a half.
The second group swam out to the end of the pier and over to the buoy at the reef and doubled back. This was about one mile +/-.

Jim and Teresa at the end of the Avila Pier

Same location with Tom's opinion of the water temperature. 

Niel agrees. Jim is in the background.

Niel with Fossil Point in the background

Teresa and Jim ready to start the swim back to the pier.
There is a chance of some rain or showers next Thursday but I'm hoping that it will not keep us from getting back to our regular Sunday swims.


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