Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sunday, September 15, 2019

After two 100 degree days in San Luis Obispo I was expecting and hoping for a very summery day at the beach, but, the high pressure that had been pushing the warm are to the coase collapsed Saturday evening and the fog came in. It cooled things off nicely in San Luis Obispo and had Avila Beach wrapped in complete grey. 


The slot of light off to the west held some promise but I 
would not make a guess if it was going to clear. 

The silver lining was that the water temperature was 62 (Heidi measured 59) and the conditions were flat and windless.
We decided to do a counterclockwise triangle for about a mile with a Cal Poly Pier add on  option for about a mile and a half.

Swimming today were regulars Niel, Heidi, Brenda, Maria, Amy, Stephanie and John with Tim making it his second swim and Max, Mike, and Jim joining us for the first time.

The Cal Poly Pier group was Niel, Stephanie, Mike and Jim. 

Stephanie, Jim and Mike at the Cal Poly Pier.

The two groups came back together at the finish at the first buoy 
on the east side of the Avila Pier.
Maria, Max, Stephanie, Jim and Brenda.
The sun broke through at the end of the swim,  just in time to warm up the beach.

After the swim: Mike, John, Maria, Amy, Heidi, Niel, Brenda, Max, Jim, Stephanie.
Tim had already headed to the showers.


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