Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Tuesday, January 31st. 2023

Today was a cold swim. I got in at 7:14, the air was 35°F, the water was 10°C/50°F and the wind was offshore. It felt colder as I was starting out and I was feeling the cold in my arms and back before I was at the end of the CPP. 
Before arriving and checking out the conditions I had decided to swim Sundays route the other way around. On Sunday the swell and chop was out of the SW so the leg towards the end of the Cal Poly Pier was a slog. Today the wind was offshore so the swim from the end of the CPP back to the beach was into the wind and chop, not quite as rough as Sunday but enough to make me wonder about why I didn't put that together before getting in.   

The view from the end of the CPP towards the Avila Pier

I did have a great swim. The water is nice and clear and it was a good workout. I was going to change in one of the single use restrooms but they were being cleaned so I had to stay with the cold concrete and wind at the outdoor showers. I danced around on the concrete and got changed quickly. My bottle of hot water was the best!   

Tom was heading to the beach at 9. I'll post his comments after his fingers thaw out enough for him to sent them.

Tom's Report: Definitely 50° in the water today… When I got here at 10:15 the air was about 56°, so that was a little more forgiving in the cold department. Great swimming conditions, though. 

I already have three things booked for Thursday morning so I will not swim until Saturday at 7:30.


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