Saturday, February 17, 2024

Conditions on Saturday morning were gray skies with some breaks in the clouds, no wind, a 50° air temperature, small surf and 52° water. 
Niel, Tom and Jamie got in just before 7. Jamie has been swimming with us on Sundays and today was her first morning swim.
Jamie was looking for about a mile, Tom and I wanted to go 2 miles, so we planned a swim over to the Poly Pier figuring that Jamie would turn back early.  

Niel, Jamie and Tom at the second crossbars on the Poly Pier

On the way to the Poly Pier there was a strong offshore push. There was no wind and all of the swells were headed N or NE so I do not know where such a strong push was coming from. The plot shows how much correction I had to make to make to arrive at the second cross bars.  
At the second crossbars Jamie was ready to go back and agreed to swim to the end of the Avila Pier with Tom and I . She'd go in from there and we would swim to Fossil Point and back. 

When Tom and I were at Fossil Point it was raining in Port San Luis but was calm in Avila. When we started back and the water's surface blew up under us and we had a riotous swim across a variable cross swell all of the way to the Avila Pier. There was still no wind. The rain over at the port must have had some wind with it and kicked up a patch of storm conditions for us. Tom said that at one point he felt a big lift and then dropped into a hole in the water.

4 to 5 inches of rain is possible between now and Wednesday so swimming before next Saturday will depend on how much rain we get. A couple of inches Sunday night would dirty up the water until the end of the week


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