Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Other than being gray and overcast, the swimming conditions on Sunday were about as good as it will get at Avila. It air was completely still so the surface of the water was glassy. There was no current, the water was clear and 57 degrees. The shore break was knee high. There was a huge raft of sooty shearwaters about 1+ miles offshore but they were just sitting on the water, not diving or feeding. There were 8 seals that were moving around the bay but they were more interested in playing than feeding. Our friend the big black dolphin made a pass along the beach 1/2 way inside the buoy line with two friends in tow. The life guards are here until the end of this month. Duke and I swam the triangle route counterclockwise, Angela enjoyed the beach and Kris rode her bike. The sun came out about the time were were getting out of the water.


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