Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday October 4th, 2009

It was very windy at Avila today. There was hardly anyone on the beach but the lifeguards were back. They may be with us through October but it will depend on the number of people on the beach. The wind and fog has helped the water temperature slide down to 57. It was sunny and would of been pleasantly warm without the wind. The water was still clean with an occasional 3 foot wave. The wind chop was head high with only occasional whitecaps. There was one seal, a few pelicans and the same big black solo dolphin that was cruising the beach last Sunday. Sylvia stayed on the beach and I swam the buoy line. The chop required some adaptation to my breathing timing and stroke to find the most air but once I got it figured out it was just a matter of doing the work.
It is supposed to be warmer late in this coming week and over the weekend.

Duke and Angela were doing the LA Tri and Rob was at a pool swim meet in Northern California. How sis you guys do?


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Rob D said...

It was the first meet of short course meters season and it was a good meet for me. It was kind of weird to go from 5k open water races to 50m sprints! I wrote more about it and put some pictures up over here.