Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Evening, July 14, 2010

It was beautiful at Avila this evening. It was sunny and warm and there were more people on the beach and in the water at 5 PM than I usually see on a Sunday at noon. Part of the reason must of been a water temperature of 63! Whoah, this was unexpected. The wind was offshore, blowing from left to right, which usually pushes the water temperature down, but for some unknown and welcome reason had not yet had its usual effect. The wind was steady and strong enough to put up a mild chop but other than that the swimming conditions looked wonderful. I saw only one lonely pelican and no seals before we got in. It was David, a triathlete and strong swimmer who I last saw here a couple of weeks ago, Rob and myself. We decided to do something just a little different. We swam directly out to the end of the Avila Pier and from there over to the second set of crossbars on the Poly Pier, where a couple of harbor seals popped up to check us out. From there we swam to the last buoy at the creek and then along the buoy line, under the Avila Pier and back in to our starting place on the beach. There were some spots with big changes in water temperature and at the buoy at the creek you could feel the much colder water 3 feet below the surface. Near the end of the Avila Pier I was thinking that my wetsuit with sleeves was too warm. The swim took us 40 minutes.


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