Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday July 26th, 2010

It was a beautiful night in Avila and the ocean was nice and lively. You could see the occasional whitecap from up on the beach and there was plenty of chop out there waiting for us. We didn't have an official water temperature reading tonight but the consensus was cold... probably 56ish

We were 5 swimmers deep tonight and we all took the same route. We did the triangle around the pier in the clockwise direction. The leg from the end of the left side of the buoy line to the top of the pier was straight into the chop and pretty burly.

If anybody has and interest in swimming an open water race there's some good ones coming up the next couple weeks around California. On Saturday we've got the Santa Cruz Rough Water, it's approximately 1 mile and very popular. You can register on the beach but make sure you're early, there was quite a line last year for same day registration. On August 15th is the Naples Island Swim down in Long Beach which features 1 and 3 mile swims. I'll be at both of them, if you want to go or have questions let me know! (you can catch me at

Rob D.

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