Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The water was 56 degrees. There was no wind and it was sunny and warm. A flock of birds that looked like small ducks was resting on the water and there might of been one or two seals cruising about. Occasionally there would be a nice set of waves but it was mostly small stuff with no potential for play. We had a new swimmer join us today. Stephen is a Cal Poly student, is on the CP Tri team and found us through the web site. (Way to go Rob, you get free swims for the rest of the year!) He had done a few swims along the buoy line with the team and decided that he wanted to do more ocean swimming. Filling out today's squad was Sylvia, Chad, Niel, Kim and Rob. Rob and Chad were feeling a bit beat up and nobody else was feeling driven to hammer it so we did a short swim. We went out along the pier to the end. Turned right to the last buoy at the creek and returned along the buoy line and under the pier. At this point we had planned on grouping up and seeing if anyone wanted to go longer. There were no takers so we headed in to the beach.

The planning for the Avila Dolphins holiday dinner is commencing. We will be discussing plans next Sunday. Anybody got any ideas? All input is welcome.

New Years Day Swim - There will be a swim at 12N on Saturday, New Years Day and a pot luck lunch to follow. The route will be weather and opportunity dependent and will be finalized on the beach before the swim. Last year's route was popular so that is definitely possible. Let's hope for conditions like 2010; sunny and warm with glassy 59 degree water!


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