Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Warm Wednesday's are back!  The water was 62.5, very clear and carnivore free.  I could see one pelican, a few gulls, one lonely seal and one fisherman no sign of bait fish or feeding activity, unless you count the gulls who were working the goodies that had been left with a group of beach chairs and towels.  There was a steady wind from the East pushing a medium chop and current to the west.  The chop was not whitecapping so swimming conditions looked very good.  Ryan, John and Niel were ready to swim at 5:30.  The tide was high and the surf back to normal so it was a good opportunity to swim all of the way down the beach to Fossil Point.  We went out, turned left at the buoy line and continued along that line past the last buoy until we were just off of the cliff face at the cave on the point.  After a brief break we came back along the same route.  This swim was just short of a mile and we were in the water for 33 minutes.


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