Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

I went out to the beach this morning not knowing if anyone would be by to join me. I ended up getting in the water early to bodysurf a little bit and play with a new camera. About half an hour later I emerged from the 52ish degree water and found an out of town and wetsuitless swimmer looking to take a dip! Holly was visiting from San Francisco and looking for a quick swim so I took her for a shot around the pier. There was some ok surf, but one you got past that it was smooth sailing all the way around. The water was smooth and fairly clear. We took a quick break at the tip of the pier so I could point out the local landmarks and then we made our way back to the beach. All told maybe 1000m tops.

New Years day is next Sunday and we'll have swimmers in the water, make sure you come out for your polar bear dip!

Rob D.

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shawn turner illustration said...

cool pix! would loved to have been there. got to go to aquatic park the day after christmas. water was 50 but comfortable.