Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday, December 18,2011

We had a beautiful Sunday for a swim and got to share it with a few out of town guests. We had our regular visitor Susan from the valley on the beach along with Shawn (in no wetsuit!) who was in town from the Sacramento area. Rounding it out was myself, Sylvia and Amy.

The water was fairly calm out past the breakers, but we had some burly sets rolling in at the beach. I measured the water at about 53. We opted for the classic triangle route to give Shawn the full tour and make sure everyone got in about a mile.

The swim was great, no major wind or currents to contend with, although we had a hard time sighting the creek buoy from the pier because the swells were so large. At the finish we treaded lightly to do our best to get back on the beach without getting clobbered by the surf. Once everyone was in I decided to try bodysurf one for fun but that didn't go exactly to plan. The wave broke in a weird way, folded me up like a pretzel and introduced me to the bottom of the ocean... whoops :)

Next Sunday is Christmas, I'm planning to hit the beach (weather permitting) so hopefully I see a few of you out there!

Rob D.

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