Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday, January 22. 2012

Concerns about the water quality after the heavy rain caused us to cancel our regular swim today. Rob suggested that we do some beach cleanup instead. I liked the idea of giving back and improving our playground so we met at the usual spot at 11 with buckets and gloves. Duke was already there hoping to swim after his run. Disappointed, he settled for a nap until Angela returned from her run. Chad came by and said hi before going out on his run. I did check the water temperature and it was still 52 degrees. There had been a big high tide of +6.2 at 9:32 which combined with the large waves to send water all of the way to the sea wall. At 11 the waves were still large with 6 to 8 foot faces but not rideable. Rob and I walked the beach and collected a couple buckets of plastic trash, toys, cigarette buts and general junk. Kris and I had lunch on the beach and finished up as the cloud cover was moving in.
By next Wednesday our now familiar anomalous weather pattern of clear skies, offshore winds and warm temperatures will be back in place so next Sunday should be another beautiful winter day at Avila. Enjoy it now before the drought hits.


Bonus Announcement:
New Google Group for Open Water Swimmers on the Central Coast!

I set up a Google Group for local open water swimmers to use to talk swimming and set up swims locally. The idea is to pull swimmers from more than just our regular Avila Dolphin crew so please forward it along if you have friends that swim elsewhere like Lake Lopez and Morro Bay. My friends in Orange County use this program to coordinate swims and it has been really successful for them.

The group is located here: and there is a link to join on the right hand side of the page.

Rob D.

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