Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday, April 22nd 2012

We had 5 of us swimming today in Avila. Rob, Sylvia, Kim, Duke and Jen who was visiting from Bakersfield. The weather was a bit overcast but trying to burn off. Water didn't have an official reading taken but we've determined it to be about 50 flat. Current was running west to east and although it started fairly smooth it got progressively rougher as the swim went on. All 5 swimmers held together on the start of a clockwise triangle swim. At the end of the east side of the buoy line Kim and Sylvia opted to swim back towards the pier and in. Duke, Jen and I swam headlong into the chop for the pier and then off to the far end of the other side of the buoy line. When we regrouped there we decided to angle for the beach since we were freezing Jen out. With that little deviation we probably swam just a touch over a mile. I ran a GoPro camera on my wrist through the swim and posted a bunch of the better ones to facebook here. Weather this week looks ok up until Wednesday when we have a chance of showers. Keep an eye on the Central Coast Open Water Google Group to see if we're hitting the water or not. Rob D.

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