Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wednesday Evening, October 10, 2012

Rob and I had a great swim; the water was 60 degrees, calm, flat and clean.  The waves were knee high with an occasional 3 footer.  We planned to go out along the pier, over to the Poly Pier and back along the buoy line on the creek side.  Our start was delayed while we waited for a guy in a powered skiff to finish messing around near the end of the pier, neither of us wanting to become involved with seemingly random  movement by a power boat.  When we reached the end of the Avila Pier the sun was getting close to dropping behind the hills so we changed our route and headed to the last buoy at the creek and finished a half triangle.  
Last year we continued to swim on Wednesday evening through October, and will this year, the only limit being the amount of remaining daylight.

There is going to be a long swim option this Sunday's, for those who are interested in putting in some additional distance and are comfortable with being farther offshore.

Alan Freeman will be joining us on Sunday the 21st.  Alan has lived in Hawaii for many years but when he lived here he coached Masters and swam with the us.  He has a successful Catalina Channel crossing and a swim down the length of the Na Pali coast in Kaua'i among his open water adventures.  Alan wants to organize a Maui Channel Relay for 2013 so check your frequent flyer miles.


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