Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wednesday Evening, October 17, 2012

It was summer just before Halloween and Avila Beach, I really love living here.
At 5:30 the air temperature was in the 80's, the water temperature was 60 degrees and there were still quite a few people on the beach and in the water.  It had been still but an offshore breeze was picking up, blowing left to right along the beach and making some small chop.  We were late getting started again.  Rob and Beth were doing a toe test when I arrived.  Ryan and Liz were getting their wetsuits on so I got ready and we waded in planning to swim down the buoys towards the point while Beth was going to play in the surf.  Working into the chop and current on the  swim down buoy line got me warmed up real fast.  When we regrouped at the last buoy the sun was starting to slip behind the hills.  It was beautiful floating in the water at the buoy but the gas went out of our desire to swim and shifted to playing so we returned along the buoys the way we had come, came in and did some boogie boarding in the fading light. Rob got some great photos of me in the water with his GoPro camera and I got decent one of the end of the day with my phone.

I want to add a follow up to Sunday's blog;  I had written about the foul water quality that we experienced on our Sunday swim and my disappointment that the County Health Department's sea water quality monitoring prototcals do not do an adequate job of protecting weekend ocean users. On Tuesday the County posted advisories for unhealthful conditions for almost all of the San Luis Obispo County beaches based on samples taken on Monday.  Avila also failed Tuesdays retest.  No retest was posted on Wednesday. We stayed away from the creek mouth on Wednesday evening but there were a lot of families in the water on that side.


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