Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rob Dumouchel's Triple Martini 10k Swim

Today Rob became the third person to officially complete a Triple Martini Swim at Avila Beach.   This is a 10k swim that gets its' name from the shape of the course; starting on the beach and swimming out along the Avila Pier (the stem) and then at 2 mile triangular loop (the glass).  Do three laps around the glass plus the in and out equals 10k.
We formed up on the beach at 8 AMish.  Rob was going to be accompanied by a entire flotilla of kayaks; Beth, Niel, Allison and Kris.  Beth was in charge of feedings, Niel; navigation with Kris and Allison to lend support as needed. There was the possibility that Rob would be joined by some additional swimmers for part of the swim.  It was sunny and warmish with thin high clouds, a water temperature of 56 degrees and a gusty offshore breeze that would become a major factor.  
Rob began swimming at 8:48, turned right at the end of the Avila pier, doing his first triangle in a counter-clockwise direction.  The wind was gusting and we had some trouble keeping on course on the long (.92 mile) leg from the Poly Pier to the Avila Rock, plus with the low sun and  thin clouds cut down on contract and it was surprisingly difficult to see the Avila Rock.  When we returned to the Avila Pier, completing the first lap, Rob decided to try and improve his luck with the wind by switching to the opposite direction so we headed back to the Avila Rock.  When we approached the rock the wind really kicked up and pushed us seaward of the rock.  The wind gods apparently didn't think too much of Rob trying to outsmart them.  On the leg to the Poly Pier I had to keep my boat pointed 30 to 40 degrees to the right of our course in order to stay on line.  We did pick up several pods of dolphins all around us which we saw for the rest of the swim.  The leg from the Poly Pier back to the Avila Pier was the toughest by far.  The wind kicked up and stayed there, blowing almost directly off the shore across out route and white-capping the chop.  Being up in the wind Beth and I had to work hard to keep up with Rob!  We did better on the first leg of the last lap, though I had to keep my boat pointed towards Pirates Cove in order to keep on course to Avila Rock, and we made a good landfall.  The wind played with us on the second leg, first blowing hard offshore, then dying away completely so we had to compensate for the SW swell that was pushing us towards the shore, and then switching back to offshore about 2/3's of the way to the Poly Pier.  Shortly after starting this leg Allison spotted two swimmers that seemed to be heading out towards us and it turned out to be Duke and Brad.  They caught up with us about 2/3's of the way to the Poly Pier and paced Rob for the rest of the swim.  The last leg back to the Avila Pier was calm.  
Rob started swimming at 8:48 and finished at 12:24 for a time of 3H 36M.  His splits for the three triangles were 1:04, 1:08 & 1:07.  His stroke count was between 47 and 50 for the entire swim.

Rob, wear your Three Martini hat proudly!  You earned it big time today!


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