Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Night - March 15th 2013

We're trying something new by attempting to add a weekly swim out at Lopez on Friday nights. As of right now the plan is show up by 5:30pm at Mallard Cove, swim a mile or so, drink a beer and have a snack, then go home. Pretty good right?

Tonight was our inaugural Lopez Friday Night swim and we had a good time. We had Rick, Byron, Casey, Ed, Ruta and Rob in attendance. Ruta and I kayaked while the rest swam a mile long route. We don't have official numbers but the water temps are definitely coming up at the lake.

I'm hoping we can make this an every week kind of thing. Come out and swim or paddle to burn off the stress of your workweek and then hangout and tailgate with your friends! I hope to see more of you out there next Friday!

Rob D

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