Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday Evening, 30 October 13

John Siegel and I had a great time on the last evening swim of the season.  There was a steady breeze that was blowing directly offshore and the water temperature was 56 degrees.  It was sunny and comfortable on the beach.  The surf varied from ankle slappers to an occasional three footer.  We swam the triangle counterclockwise.  The sun was already dropping behind the hills when we got in so it was never a problem but it did feel like there was some winter in the water temperature.  The chop was only 4" to 6" high, almost not noticeable while swimming, but I could always feel the current pushing me away from the beach.  The lights along Front Street were coming on as we finished up.   We covered 1576 meters in 36 minutes.  

If you look back at the last three times that I posted this route, both CW & CCW, the time has varied by only 24 seconds but the distance by 70 meters.  A combination of the effect of wind and tide on the location of the buoys may account for the different distances but I must have managed to be swimming faster on the days when I also wound up swimming further for the time to work out so well.

Thanks to John Siegel for being the most consistent evening swimmer this summer.  See you in the spring John.


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