Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wednesday Evening, October 23. 2013

The water temperature is still hanging up there at 58 degrees but this evening's swim was different in all other counts.  It was sunny but windy and cool.  The breeze was out of the SW and was strong enough to make the flags stretch straight out.   The water was clear but choppy with a current following the chop.  There were also chest high waves for a change.  Sylvia and Yvonne joined Niel, John Siegel and Mark.  Sylvia and Yvonne stayed on the buoy line while John and Niel did a counter clockwise triangle.  Mark experienced a cramp just as we were starting towards the water and couldn't get it to release so he stayed out.  We had hoped that going CCW would reduce the time spent swimming towards the setting sun but I'm not sure that it made much difference.  The chop wasn't too troublesome but the current required a committed push on the second and third legs.  When John and I came through the pier and headed towards the beach there did not seem to be any waves coming in.  As we swam in I kept looking back over my shoulder but never did see any waves.  That was true right up to the point when John and I got picked up, tumbled and washing machined within 50 yards of the beach.  We covered a mile in 36 minutes.

Next Wednesday will be the last evening swim until next spring.


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