Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday,February 16, 2014

Sunday was a beautiful day for a swim at Avila Beach.  It was sunny, warm and calm with the typical small surf, clear water and flat swimming conditions.  The water temperature was 54.5 degrees.  We had 10 swimmers today and broke up into three different swims.  Sylvia and Yvonne swam out around a large catamaran that was moored on the east side of the pier and swung down to the seawall and came back.  John Hampsey and Ali swam out and back along the beach on the the east side of the pier.  Niel, Sam, Katy, Duke, Brad and Tom Lorish swam down to Fossil Point, to the end of the Avila Pier and in along the pier.  Our group covered about 1.2 miles in 40 minutes and had a great swim.

We are swimming tomorrow!
Today was so nice that I want to celebrate Lincoln's birthday by swimming on Monday.  Same time and place.  We'll get in the water at 11.  Hope to see you there.

Today is the last day that we will have the pleasure of swimming with Brad Matsushita, a.k.a. Fast Brad.  Brad is moving up to Santa Clara as part of his career reboot.  Brad was always off the front of the group so we will miss the pleasure of catching up to him at the end of each leg of a swim.  I hope that you find great success and we will look forward to seeing you at the beach when you are in town. 


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