Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday, MArch 30, 2014

Avila warmed up nicely this morning. The breeze was offshore but variable. The water was 53 degrees with occasional sets of chest high waves.  Not many people on the beach but we do have lifeguards now on the weekends.  I wonder when the buoys will be back?  It was Sylvia, Yvonne and I today.  Sylvia is resting up from too much swimming and being sick. Yvonne thought that it was too cold for her to swim without a wetsuit so she waded in and ducked through a few waves.  She was all smiles when she got out.  I been out of town and out of the water for a week so my goal today was to get in and have a nice relaxing swim and see if I could get by body realigned after too much driving and poor beds.  I enjoyed a nice easy swim down  to the end of the seal wall and back which was just what I needed.  


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