Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday Evening, March 19, 2014

58 Degree Water!  Four swimmers, three routes, warm water, kayak support and a beautiful evening. It couldn't get much better.
The water temperature over at the port had been bumping up to this number the last day or so but I was expecting another 55 at Avila Beach this evening.  The last time we swam in 58 degree water was October 27, 2013.   The spring is usually when we see our lowest water temperatures, around 48 to 52, so I'm not reading anything into this, but we sure enjoyed it. What a difference a few degrees of water temperature make.
Sylvia and Yvonne swam the 'East Triangle'; down the beach towards the point, back to the end of the Avila Pier and in along the pier to the beach.  Mark and I swam out along the pier to its end.  This was Marks first ocean swim since last fall so he returned along the pier.  I did the 'West Triangle';  by continuing towards the creek mouth and returning back along the beach to my starting point.  We were fortunate that Allison needed some time on the water so she was here to accompany various parts of all three routes in her kayak.

I will continue to swim on Sundays but I'll be out of town for next Wednesdays evening swim. John Siegel will also be out of town so who will show on Wednesday evening?
Allison might join us again as soon as Sunday the 23rd and will definitely be with us on the 30th.
We should plan some routes that take advantage of having kayak support.  A swim to the rock off of Fossil Point anyone?