Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday, October 12. 2014

High Tide and Large Waves

The waves were large and the tide was high which made for a unusual and fun swim today. It was hot and almost windless on the beach.  The waves came in sets that were head high+ but the sets were spaced well apart making getting in just a matter of timing. The pier was closed a third of the way out, just short of the buoy line and the water temperature was a friendly 62 degrees. We had 12 swimmers today doing four different routes. We all got in down the beach a ways from the pier where the waves were smaller.  Pete Kelly headed directly towards the end of the pier. The rest of us swam left to the end of the buoy line. Sylvia, Dale, Amy, John Hampsey, James and Haley swam the left side of the buoy line for two laps. Niel, Rick, Duke and Bo swam to the end of the pier and to the last buoy on the other side. We returned back to the end of the pier and headed directly in to our starting point. That was 1.45 miles for the four of us. Gerry Gross got in after we did and swam the buoy line on his own. 
This is shortly before high tide at 12:55. Just after this photo was taken a large set came in and the wash came up to the bottom of the steps, scattering people, blankets, trash cans and chairs up and down the beach.


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