Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday, October 5. 2014

We have an abbreviated plot today because the FINIS website won't let me log in and pull up all of the data.
Avila was sunny and warm, but cooler than San Luis Obispo. I actually did not need the umbrella that I brought. The water was 60 degrees, nice and clear with an occasional wave that was large enough to bodysurf. There was no wind.  It is hard to remember that it is October.  
Swimming today were NIel, Amy, John Hampsey, Jon Harmse, Sylvia, Dale, Ali and a friend, Gerry Gross and a new swimmer who I met but did not retain his name. There was a yachting event going on so we stayed in close and swam along the buoy line.  A full lap is just under a mile.

Not too many Wednesday evening swims left but the one on the 8th should be a nice one.

Preparations for the Santa Cruz Will Swim For Food have begun.  This is a one mile swim around the Santa Cruz Muni Wharf on Saturday, December 13th.  The swim is a fundraiser for local Food Banks.  Swimmers raise pledges in recognition of their willingness to do a lap around the Santa Cruz Wharf in winter.  This is not a race.  Most of the swimmers wear wetsuits. The idea is to swim,. have fun and raise money for Food Banks.  The really cool accessory is a custom painted duck decoy that, for a financial consideration, you can paint  as you want and tow behind you during the swim.   Pledges can be made to a food bank in any location.  Last year Niel, Rob, Leslie and Ali raised a total of $1600 for the San Luis Obispo County Food Bank.

You can read about signing up for this years event at;

and the Will Swim For Food page is;

Last year it was cold, silly and a lot of fun.  Ali and I are going again. Come join us, have fun and help feed the hungry..


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