Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thursday, New Years Day 2015

We had a beautiful day at Avila Beach today; sunny, warmish, clear skies and water, no wind, no waves and a very low tide.  In this photo you can see the Guadalupe dunes and the lighter piece of land to the right of the point is either Purisima Point, which is 27 miles from Avila Beach, or possibly Pt. Arguello, which is 39 miles away.  Sylvia, Kelly and Danni- Lu, and Stephanie (on a break from her bike ride) were on the beach.  Niel, Amy, John Hampsey and Rob Dumouchel !!! were swimming.  Rob and Allison are in town for Christmas break so Rob joined us today.  The water temperature was 56 degrees.  I have not recorded a water temperature that low since May 5, 2014, so thanks Rob for bringing Humboldt conditions with you to the central coast. ;-).   Since Rob has been doing school and not swimming much we got to see a somewhat extended version of his famous chicken dance as he waded in.  

Once we got going the swimming was nice.  I just needed to remind myself that before this last summer we considered 56 degrees to be a pretty nice water temperature.  Rob impressed us when he said that he quickly got comfortable with the water temperature but he really felt his lack of conditioning from not having done much swimmiing over the past semester.     
We did about a mile along the phantom buoy line, getting kind'a spread out as we age still getting used to navigating without the guidance of the swim zone buoys which are pulled out for the winter.

You can see from the plot of today's swim that I've switched from the Finis Hydro Tracker to a Garmin 910.  When swimming the plot from the 910 is all over the place compared to the results from the Hydro Tracker, which accounts for the greater than expected distance that it logged.  I've made an adjustment to the GPS settings of the 910 so we'll see this Sunday if it smooths out the plot.

Rob, and possibly Allison, should be with us on Sunday for a second immersion before they head back to Humboldt so come on by and join in on the fun.


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