Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunday, July 28, 2015

I was out of town and missed the swim around the rock. This weeks post is provided by John Hampsey.

Our plan to swim to Avila rock worked out today! There were no mammals or networks of birds out on the water. In the words of the lifeguard-- “you picked a perfect day to go to the rock.” The sea was calm and about 62 degrees, the sky partially cloudy with just a light breeze. We had hoped for two paddlers but were fortunate to have three—Mark on paddle board, Jim in his kayak, and Cindy in her outrigger. Big thanks to them! The swimmers were Duke, Rick, Dave, Amy Hewes, Amy 2, Bridget, Brandon, Tom, and I (Sylvia swam the buoy line). Sighting was easy because Mark led the way, his tall figure in line with Avila Rock. There was one mass of kelp, but a canal gave us passage through it. Once we reached the other side of the rock we languished for a minute listening and watching the sea swells break and froth down the low side of the white iconic rock. The journey back seemed to pass more quickly and with less effort. It was a great swim overall, a little over a mile and half, and, within our Avila world, somewhat mystical.

4th of July Swim -

The Pier to Pier to Pier Swim - 1.75 miles from the Harford Pier over at Port San Luis back to Avila Beach passing the ends of the Cal Poly and Avila Piers. Meet at our usual spot in Avila at 8AM, Saturday, 7/4. Carpool to the start. Shuttle back afterwards to pick up cars. Pot luck on the beach afterwards. 

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